Financial Services
Sales Motion
SMB, Mid-Market, and Enterprise sales motion on a usage-based model
San Francisco, California
Andreessen Horowitz
Y Combinator
Spark Capital
YC Continuity
Series D
Total Funding
Team Size
120 people
Chris Lee

Meet Chris Lee & Deel

My name is Chris Lee. I’m the Head of Sales for North America at Deel. Deel enables companies to compliantly hire contractors and employees in 150 countries around the world.

Hiring to Hit Sales Quota

As Head of Sales, I have a revenue goal to hit. There are only a couple of components I can control to hit that goal. One is the hiring plan and the other is to ensure that the sales reps that I am hiring are hitting their quota. If I don’t have a recruiting partner in place that is helping me hit those hiring goals, then I’ll be missing my plan. I put an extreme amount of trust in a team like Candidate Labs, so that I can hit my goals and my company can hit their goals.

Rapidly Scaling a Billion Dollar Company

Deel is rapidly scaling. In 2020, we raised our Series A and Series B within six months. And then in April of 2021, we raised our Series C at a billion dollar valuation.I got introduced to Candidate Labs by one of our investors, Andreessen Horowitz. Candidate Labs was highly regarded by Andreessen and worked with several of their portfolio companies.

8 AEs and 6 SDRs in a Matter of Months

When I started we only had two AEs on the team and a few SDRs. Candidate Labs helped us scale to 10 AEs on the team and roughly 8 or 9 SDRS within a matter of months.

“Seriously, we work with four or five different recruiters for the different go-to-market roles that we were doing searches for and consistently Candidate Labs brought the most quality candidates.”

I don't know what their secret sauce is but I think it has to do with a combination of the data that they're collecting on candidates and the talented recruiters that are then qualifying and reaching out to these candidates before serving those qualified candidates to the companies that they're working with.

Expansion to Customer Success, Rev-Ops, and Partnership Roles

We've actually scaled the number of roles that we're going to be working with Candidate Labs on beyond just sales. We now have Candidate Labs working on our customer success roles, on our rev-ops roles, our partnership roles, and we're really excited to see them scale with Deel.I truly believe the team at Candidate Labs is an extension to the team at Deel because they intrinsically understand the type of candidates that we're looking for to join our team.

“I think Candidate Labs would be a good fit for any company that is scaling quickly, is looking for a data-driven approach to recruiting, and doesn’t want to waste time talking to unqualified candidates.”

— Chris Lee, Head of Sales, North America

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