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We are data scientists, engineers, recruiters, operations professionals, and marketers partnered on a mission to build a modern search firm.

Our Core Values

We are data people.

Innovation and technology are in our DNA. We believe that software can enable radically better experiences for candidates, employers, and recruiters, and that data is the fundamental lever.

We are not limited by the status quo.

We are willing to forgo old ways and invent new methods. With open minds and innate curiosity, we tackle the problems that others are not bold enough to face.

We are known for our dependability and high-trust relationships.

We care deeply about the success of our candidates and partners, believing that lasting relationships are built through investment, transparency, and trust – not transactions.

We have a velocity mindset.

We combine the clarity of big picture thinking with the propensity to act. We optimize for speed of learning, celebrating wins and learning from failures. We prioritize ruthlessly.

We are committed to growth.

We believe that little improvements add up to big impact. We are eager to learn and embrace the discomfort of growth, knowing our consistent pursuit of improvement creates compounding personal and professional gains.

We are all recruiters.
We are all technologists.

Our ultimate advantage is our ability to work together. We are highly collaborative, put the team first, and support each other. We push each other to do our best work, knowing that we compete and win together.

We don’t mistake activity for results.

In an industry known for empty promises, we deliver consistent results, combining hard work and discipline to deliver on our promises. We continually find leverage to do our work better, faster and at greater scale.

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Candidate Labs has offices in major tech hubs across the country and team members working remotely to support our clients and candidates nationwide.

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