Among thousands of recruiting firms, we chose to build ours as a technology company.

We hire as many engineers and PhDs as recruiters. We created a data platform to precisely match talent with opportunity. And we combine the best of humans with the best of tech to give our candidates’ careers the focus, attention, and competitive insights they deserve.

Our Team

Jonathan Downey
Michael Zhang
Ryan Stevens
Hector Angulo
Alexandra Kane
Bassam Aoun
Head of Data Science
Michael Donohue
Senior Engineer
Grant Hulegaard
Staff Engineer
Tyler Mattos
Director of Talent
Jaycie Moller
Director of Talent
Billy Mutch
Director of Talent
Liam Naughton
Director of Talent
Katie Ostrander
Sr. Manager of Talent
Xiaolei Zhu
Data Engineer
Our Investors
We're grateful to work with a group of investors who believe who believe the talent space is overdue for change.
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